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Simon Marks began with an invite to perform as part of the West Coast Blues & Roots Festival in 2009. The rest, as they say, is history....

Five albums later & having been lucky enough to perform across 5 continents playing everything from festival bills to bars, house concerts, country halls, art galleries and even sinking ship, there's always another story to be written for this singer/songwriter...
Along the way there’s also been opportunities to work with some amazing artists including Dave Johnson (Carus/The Fling) Angus Diggs (Jeff Lang/Mia Dyson) (Syd Green (19-Twenty), Ben Franz (The Waifs)

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”The sheer diversity of this performer is one his many attributes”


“From folk to rock Simon Marks captivated the crowd his sincerity, passion and talent”

- The Music

”Always captivating and emotional, Simon Marks remains a most remarkable storyteller”


"LILA" - Due out Summer 2018

recording new ep with the lovely fellas from 19-Twenty…


From the new album

"Big River, Little Stories"

"WALLY" - [The Mick Thomas Song]

"The tale of a driving halfway across the state to play a show, that didn't happen! We arrived, the venue was heaving, the vibe was great!! We sound checked & went out for a pre-show walk in high spirits for the evenings 'show' ahead. Little did we know that our venue was full of hearty punters enjoying pre-show drinks to another show that night, in ARARAT of all places! Ararat can probably handle a gig a month & we realized on our walk back that all the punters at our venue warming up for their Mick Thomas show, at the another venue! So when we got back, the venue was EMPTY. They'd all gone to the Mick Thomas show, and fair play!! SO. We sat on the verandah & wrote this tune. It's a wonderful & mysterious world this songwriting thing sometimes!"



"One of my favorite songs ever penned....

A while ago I met a woman by the name of Heather Vicenti who co-authored a book

I read this powerful book several times after meeting her. The night we met she was at a 'Hidden Treasure's Music Festival' event we were playing in Fremantle (W.A) having a 'pony' glass of beer in the corner of the room. We dropped her home at the end of the show and she related in part her story. I went straight home and started writing this song based on Heather's story."


"Rather be"




"In the early days my 'job', along with writing the songs, was to find the best busking spots. I would watch the foot traffic, U.S Navy boats schedule coming into port, tourist traffic & try find the best spot for our trio to busk. It's where we ALL began as songwriters & performers. This is an ode, of sorts, to all buskers out there who find their way. I still LOVE playing this tune. "


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Simon Marks has been performing house concerts independently for well, quite sometime now..

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"Big river, little stories" - tour dates





by Simon Marks

First single from the new Album  "Big River, Little Stories". 


*  apologies! TASMANIA 2018 spring TOUR - POSTPONED due to unforeseen circumstances *

* An exciting collaboration PROJECT with 19-twenty BAND due out spring 2018 *

 * hOUSE CONCERT bookings  CONTINUE TO ROLL IN. inquire VIA THE 'HOUSE CONCERTS' LINK for a show at your place*